Personalized Groomsmen Whiskey Flasks

Here is a simple, but very personalized gifts for the groomsmen party. The groom was so happy with theses that he added more flasks to the order. This actually ended up being the groomsmen, the father, the father-in-law to be and the groom. Total for 11 flasks.

Groomsman's Flasks

11 Whiskey Flasks for the Groomsmen

Sure you can get names and even dates engraved from the supplier of these flasks but you can not get the detail and amount of text that we can add to your flask or any other item for that matter.

During the wedding season with all that is going on and putting a wedding together, you don’t need to stress about maid-of-honor and groomsman’s gifts. Let us personalize these gifts unlike anything your wedding party has ever seen or received  in the past.

Recently we had a wedding couple that wanted a personalized bottle of champagne for each of the wedding party with their names and the wedding date. We did this in our Micro-Sandblasting department and the couple was very pleased with the end results as were the wedding party.

Don’t forget we can do your toasting glasses, cake knives and candles for the wedding. Make this a special day that continues on after the wedding with a personalized gift for your guests.



Valentines Day is coming up fast and what a better gift for your loved one than a personalized engraved or sandblasted gift?


Engraved Christmans & Wedding Bottle of Wine



We can personalize and compact case, a wine bottle and set of fine glasses or… The possibilities are endless.

Gold Compact - Hello Gergeous

Don’t be one of the lame guys that just goes out and buys a box of chocolates and call it good. That’s no good. Fined a nice gift made of metal, glass, crystal, or wood and let up put your special message on it to make it one of a kind. Now that’s GOOD!

Call us or email mail us for ideas and pricing – it’s cheaper than you think.

Sandblasted Bird glasses

Engraved Compact Gift

What at beautiful gift for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, mother… These beautiful compacts are certainly a nice gift as they are right out of the box for sure. But to put a message on the back take this gift to a very personal level.

Engraved Gift Compact

You can buy these compact at most make-up stores in your local mall for a very reasonable price. Then let CP Creative Sandblasting and Engraving put that special engraving on that gift. Engraved gifts are the hottest item out there right now, because it’s very much a personalized gift, from you to someone special.

Gold Compact - Hello Gergeous

We have access to a very limited number of these beautiful gold compacts if you would like to purchase them from us. Drop us an Email me and we will fix you up and get your personalized engraved gift in the mail to you as soon as possible. Mothers day is not that far away and the wedding season is about to start up. What a great wedding gift to your bridesmaid.


Here is the ultimate sportsman’s engraved gift or sandblasted gift idea.

We all have them in our family, the hunter, the football fanatic, the fisherman or woman and the possibilities in the “sportsman” category just keeps going.

Then if that were not enough we can talk about all the “things” they use in their sportsman’s quest. Hunter uses his gun, knife, bow, the golfer uses his clubs and shoes… and this list is endless as well.

Today I’m just going to talk about the indoor side of all this. What if we took that special sport and sandblasted an image into glassware or glass coasters… Just two simple, inexpensive items. Remember our goal at  CP CREATIVE SANDBLASTING AND ENGRAVING is to make the ordinary – EXTRA-ORDINARY.

Sandblasted Sportsman Beer Mug with Salomon

Now take a whole set of beer mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, coasters… put that special image on them and THEN write a special message on that same item for the special person in your life. Something like “The Whole in One Master…”, “NASCARS Number #1 fan…” and again the possibilities are endless.

You just became the number one gift giver on their list and next time, you will probably get a personalized engraved gift yourself.


What a great gift any time of the year. A personally engraved Thank-you Candle.


Engraved Thank-you Candle

What a wonderful way to tell someone that has gone above and beyond “Thank-you” for a job well done. It is proven and recorded that people just want to be recognized for a job well done and it does not take monies to satisfy that need.


Every chance I get I give small gifts like this to anyone that goes the extra mile for me or my family to say Thank-you. You would be amazed at surprise and smile you will get from giving even such a small gift.

So, if you want to recognize someone for anything this is a very inexpensive way to give a little back.

A Great Christmas Gift of Wine & Engraving

A Great Christmas Gift of Wine & Engraving

Here is a great idea for the prefect Christmas gift for the wine lovers in your life.


Engraved Wine Bottle for the Holidays



Purchase an ordinary bottle of wine that your gift receiver likes, now what would you like to say with that bottle of wine. Let say you were not going to be there to give the bottle to them or you sent via the mail. How would you tell them Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, or any other message you would like?

You could do it a card, but everyone does that. And who reads all the card?

Take calligraphy hand writing, mix it with engraving and you have a wonderful way to say just about anything on that wine bottle or any other bottle for that matter. One of our friends will be getting a bottle of Gentleman Jack with a Christmas verse on it.

So you ask about cost – again you can not go wrong here either. Most bottle with 6 words and some gold or silver inlay is under $20.00. Now if you want to write more we can do that as well. Just estimate about $2.00 a word and for color inlay another $4.00.

You just took that ordinary gift and made in extra-ordinary in every way. Bet no one else gets them that type of gift…


Engraved Christmans & Wedding Bottle of Wine